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Purchase Terms and Conditions


If you purchase the Instinct please follow the steps and tutorials in the Forum contained to better serve you, any questions? look for the support area or contact via Whatsapp or Discord and I will be happy to assist you.

When you purchase your license for the first time, you will have 1 month of support completely free. After the end of your free month if you want to request support you must purchase our monthly package, you will be entitled to 30 days of support whenever you need it. Consult prices with the Administrator. Instinct Support is 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, however be aware that we all have life and as soon as possible you will be taken care of.

Included in Support

  •     Access via Teamviewer / Anydesk to solve access problems, bugs, errors, among others.
  •     Support in the Clients group or by the private directly with me, for access problems and eventual errors.
  •     "Help does not log in", "does not enter", "does not appear", among others.

Included in License

  •     Angleview
  •     Actual Distance
  •     Actual Height
  •     Spin and Curve View
  •     480x640 Powerbar
  •     800x600 Powerbar
  •     1280x1024 Powerbar
  •     1366x720 Powerbar
  •     wind rose
  •     Spin Metric (Rule for Spin)
  •     Dunk Break Generator
  •     SpinLock and CurveLock
  •     Special Kr Mode
  •     Special Kr Mode v2
  •     Wind Viewer
  •     Terrain Viewer
  •     Automatic Bypass in Pixel, PA and PBA

The Instinct has an HD ID system

HD ID protection, prevents people from using freely, prevents people from buying and distributing free of charge to friends, colleagues, posting on websites, forums etc., devaluing the money you paid. Prevents that if you have your account stolen / hacked the person will not be able to access, as it is registered on your computer.

All users get 1 Serial Reset as a gift, you can use it in the program itself to reset the HD Serial so you can use it in a new Ok? I still sell in the store a package with 5 Units that costs R $ 10.

The Instinct Developer reserves the right to interfere with any License if any irregularity or abuse is found to be in any way by any user, their account and their license will be automatically suspended without notice.

By agreeing to the terms you are agreeing that you will follow all the rules contained in this, the purchase of the License is irreversible, if you purchase keep in mind that we do not make returns.

Sincerely, zLuckr0x

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